Come meet our animals

on our farm

As part of ‘The Burren Food Trail’ we offer visitors a chance to come and meet our animals and experience our small sustainable farm on the west coast of Ireland. You can either visit us during the day where we can offer a tasting of some meats or lunch, but pre- booking is essential, or you can stay overnight in our converted horse truck , our Burren Glamping as we call it. Glamping is short for ‘Glamorous camping’ and you will sleep in comfort right in the middle of our farm yard, where you can watch the animals in the field or give a hand feeding the animals if you like. We offer a breakfast made with produce from our farm and freshly baked scones.

Burren Glamping 2015 (1 of 1)-17

13282385_10154184750288407_248846074_oburren-pork-2-1You get to meet all our animals: the pigs, the donkeys, the hens, the ducks, the cows, the dogs and the cats and maybe some of the frogs in the pond!

Stephen who has in depth knowledge about the history, archaeology, farming and social history of the area will show you around the farm and the neighbouring iron age ringforts. Booking is essential and visits by appointment only.