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“I first bought pork from Eva about five years ago. It was a roast and it was beautiful. I called into the Hegarty’s farm near Kilfenora shortly afterwards and saw the lovely living conditions that the pigs enjoyed. I must have bought every cut of pork and bacon that Eva sells at this stage. The pork shoulder, slow-cooked, is a particular favourite and Eva’s back bacon rashers continue to be the best I’ve ever tasted! Fairly priced, ethically produced and absolutely delicious. Long may they prosper!”

-Joe Lee, Limerick

 “We have been buying pork from Burren Free Range Pork since they started the business. We’ve tried the pork belly, roast, minced pork, chops, rashers and sausages. They are all sublime. We just keep coming back from more. Healthy, delicious, sustainable. Ispini exceptional! Maith thú, Eva!

– Tony Kirby, Caherblonick, Kilnaboy Co An Chláir

” The sausages that we get from Burren Free Range Pork bare no resemblance to anything that you will get in the supermarket, thankfully! Having got used to these sausages I now cannot stomach normal sausages as they seem so pink and pasty in comparison. Eva’s sausages have gone down VERY well at barbeques with guests and they are always asking where we got them. While they are obviously more expensive than normal sausages it is worth buying them. There is virually no fat to drain off, and you can see that this is actual meat and so it does not feel like an unhealthy meal option. For anyone who is health concious but loves sausages I think these are a good choice. Thank you to Burren Free Range Pork for putting the effort into producing good quality food that takes the pig’s quality of life into consideration too.”

Maria Kinsella Wood – Kylemore


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