Our meats

Our award winning meats are for sale in the farm shop at our farm and at local festivals. We can also arrange deliveries directly to you if you are within a reasonable distance. We are in the process of setting up a box scheme, so please get in touch if you are interested in our products. As a small artisan producer, we want to ensure that we produce the highest quality meats. By not overstocking and having an outdoor breeding system of the animals we are very happy with the quality of our products. 

  • Sausages:  The most popular 82% meat content sausage in packs of either 6 jumbos or 12 ordinary size, very meaty and rich in flavour, perfect for your breakfast, dinner or bbq.
  • Rashers:  Back bacon or streaky rashers with a free range duck egg is a breakfast to die for, or an outstanding ingredient in a pasta dish for example
  • Roasts:  Shoulder or gigot joints, all have the rind on that will give you the most mouth watering crackling when roasted,  also heavenly good as pulled pork
  • Mince:  In packs of 1 kg makes the most delicious and juicy meatballs for example when mixed with a little bit of beef mince
  • Chops:  Succulent and juicy chops pan fried or roasted in the oven are an easy dinner option ready in just a few minutes
  • Belly:  The rind is left on it, so if you are a lover of crackling, score the rind then slowcook it – you’ll have the perfect joint for roasting and your dinner guests will ask for the recipe!
  • Ribs: The ultimate comfort food, just a bit of salt and pepper and into the oven, until the divine smell starts calling you – finger licking good!
  • Ham: An all year favourite but make sure you get your order in for Christmas in time as we usually sell out early!

We also seasonally stock our own home made condiments, made from our home grown vegetables to accompany the meats:

  • Onion jam
  • Chilli Jam
  • Courgette Relish
  • Homemade Ketchup                                  
  • Chutney
  • BBQ sauce for pulled pork
  • etc…please ask…

In season we also have surplus vegetables from our kitchen garden or poly-tunnel for sale as well as free range hen eggs.